flex lennon




Flex Lennon crafts euphoric music with enough trap essence to keep your toes onthe ground. The Jefferson Park producer began making music in his basement, but now his work has been played before thousands. Formally known as Born Ready, Flex Lennon loves the manipulative nature of being a producer. Finding a sample and augmenting it into a new, more powerful sound is something he loves. “I like beautiful sounds with dirty drums,” says Flex. In the past four years he has collaborated on projects with Chicago rapper, SABA. One of those projects, “Bucket List,” made #12 on Rolling Stones’ top 40 rap albums of 2016. Flex produced one of the most popular songs on that album entitled, “Billy Williams Story.” As a producer, Flex Lennon is fluid in his approach to collaboration with artists, either sending them a folder or making songs with them from scratch in the studio. He is soon to release his latest EP called, “Born to Flex,” Featuring artists like Femdot, Mfn Melo, GYYPS and LA VanGogh. In regards to continuing his work, Flex says he wants to mix, “really good beats with really good raps, that’s the plan.”