No Mistakes Ft. Ishmael Raps


In modern music, the art of collaboration has gained total influence. Presenting a challenge to some, music producer IKON has instead found his place in the evolution as a connector of dots. Already established in Chicago’s local music scene, IKON has worked with names like Saba, NoName, Felly, and Sicko Mobb—however, having a sense as diverse and captivating as his, the list will only grow from there. With influences from hip-hop to dance and rock, IKON’s eclectic sound sits in a space perfectly between it all. In this space, IKON has produced a feel good sound, which has acquainted him with artists outside of the hip-hop scene like edm producers Whethan, Win and Woo, and again, the list is sure to grow. His unique versatility has allowed him to explore new sounds and create his own bright world—a world in which he has decided to “let go and have fun making music regardless of if it fits in.”