Marvelous I Accept Your Apology

In the last couple months, Marvelous has made a declaration to the Hip Hop world that he is a force to be reckoned with. The Chicago native probably popped up on your radar out of nowhere with one of his four singles; the triumphant "N***a Im The Shit", banger "Million Dollar Dreamer", wavey "Once Again", and "Smoke Sum'n". With over 30k plays in his first two months of releasing music, Marvelous has gained the attention of the rap underground.

Marvelous' debut
I Accept Your Apology is a captivating listen from front to back. The distinctively gritty and raspy voice of Marvelous narrates you through life on Chicago's increasingly influential Westside. From gritty tales of knowing "Ricans most of them shooters" to declaring "N**** I'm The Shit" Marvelous makes you feel each bar he utters.

I Accept Your Apology features A-1 production from Born Ready, Mind Body & Beats, Serious, Matt Houston, Mark Murille, and Gorgious Goon. If you're a Marvelous doubter prepared to be convinced. Apology accepted. 


Stream Below.