safeNsound - nine ta five bluez

Three months ago, L.A. VanGogh and AmbI Lyrics dropped their first song as production duo safeNsound. Flipping an R&B classic by Blackstreet, "If You Cared" displayed safeNsound's refreshing approach to production, blending R&B, Hip Hop, and Deep House into a danceable track that is still suitable for Netflix and chill. 

Today, safeNsound continue their progressive sound with their latest single "nine ta five bluez" off their upcoming project, safeNsound presents L.A. VanGogh

Lead single "changed my number" was an introduction to the lyrical prowess and soulful croons of emcee L.A. VanGogh. On "nine ta five bluez" L.A. once again delivers soulful melodies with imposing lyricism. Graduating from UIC with a Political Science Degree, the 22-year-old emcee fully understands the dreadful days of working a nine-to-five (while balancing school and a burgeoning music career) just to keep the bills paid, but with it's ambient sound and a hook you'll be humming long after it's over, L.A. VanGogh and AmbI Lyrics make those awful days of working back-to-back sound all less painful.