Marvelous - Legend Ft. MFn Melo (Prod. by Banksthegenius)

Marvelous is the rapper that raps about his struggle and his grind to make it to the top. If you have been paying attention then you are watching these lyrics come true. Marvelous' method of delivering his message comes with a raspy preachers voice that instantly grabs the listeners attention. His latest release "Legend", lets you know what Marvelous is aiming to be, a legend. The catchy hook and heavy hitting 16 bars wasn't enough. Catching the ally oop and slam dunking it with style is Pivot Gang member MFn Melo. Throwing some more westside flavor on this track

Banksthegenius produced this magnificent beat. The intergalactic sound with a classy feel is genius. The drops and drum knocks hit so perfectly. The trifecta of Marvelous, MFn Melo, and Banksthegenius seems like a strong fold.

Marvelous is in the process of finishing his upcoming EP In Due Time, which is slated to drop some time in June. Expect new music from Marvelous up until the release of the EP.