The A.S.A. Project is the trio of slick-rapping/singing of Spazz, Reelo and Turnip Gawd who arrive with serious pop sensibilities, emerging as a force on the crowded local scene producing some of the country’s most exciting talent. Since stepping out last year, A.S.A. has developed a dedicated fanbase that has seen their Soundcloud numbers soar into the tens of thousands and beyond with each subsequent release. Capitalizing on that gradual success, the group teamed up with UPROXX's The Smoking Section to debut their first full-length project named after the group itself. Over a year in the making, this project serves as a perfect introduction to an act working out of one of what has come to be known as the Chicago Renaissance with real potential to become just the latest to emerge on the national scene in a huge way. Give it a spin and let me know what you think, it’ll only be a short period until they graduate to even larger stages. - Jake Krez