The A.S.A Project OH! What A Place!

Two weeks after releasing their vibrant single, “For You”, The A.S.A Project return with their debut EP “Oh! What A Place!” The 5-track EP is a transparent look into the life of lead vocalists Spazz and Reelo as they wrestle with the unpredictability of life and love. Full of melodic and passionate flows, OWAP evokes polarizing emotions simultaneously.


Garnering much attention from previous singles “Bon Voyage” and “For You”, A.S.A continue to prove that their sound of Deep House and Hip Hop is an undeniable blend that is here to stay. Tracks like “Oh! What A Place” and “Nightmares Of Me” add a dark and somber edge to OWAP.


Upon the release of their debut EP, A.S.A. is putting the final touches on their next project, self-titled, “The A.S.A. Project”.