safeNsound - changed my number

A little over a week ago, Chicago’s fresh and burgeoning production duo safeNsound released "the1thingiknohow2do" featuring one-half of Drama Duo, songstress Via Rosa. Comprised of emcee/producer L.A. VanGogh and DJ/producer Ambi Lyrics, safeNsound incorporated sounds of R&B and Deep House as the perfect landscape for Via to effortlessly shine over the production.

Today, the duo return with their first single "changed my number" off their debut EP, safeNsound presents L.A. VanGogh. Drawing inspiration from a past relationship, L.A. VanGogh says, "The story is somewhat based on a true event. high key. There was a situation where I knew this person had my number blocked. and I had recently changed my number (just because I felt like it). Then, I realized I could actually reach out to her because I knew she didn't know my new number. I called only to find out she actually unblocked my old number about a week prior. so, it's actually awkwardly funny, but the story itself is not 100% streamlined to what actually happened."


"changed my number" is relatable to anyone who went through a breakup and realized it was the wrong decision. Arriving just in time for Valentines Day, L.A. shows off his ability to rap and sing for the perfect blend as he tries to win back his ex. It's buoyant and animated style instantly grabs your attention, followed by a hook you will be humming the rest of your day. Enjoy the sounds of safeNsound.