“All About Bugatti” is a visual teaser for his highly anticipated debut EP entitled, “This Moment Right Now.”

PVTSTCK fans can now put a face to the name that’s been floating around the scene for quite some time now. This song is an introduction on both a personal and musical level. Bugatti began making music with his brother, DAMAGE, Saba’s DJ.

“We were just making music for fun at PVTSTCK, and I watched everyone around me and got really inspired to make more.”

Other familiar names from PVTSTCK on the project include JOFRED and Astonish. Pivot Gang’s MFnMelo also collaborated on one of the tracks. PVTSTCK’s Flex Lennon produced a couple songs, but more on that soon…

For now Bugatti is just excited to share his work with others.

“I want people to feel good to my music. It’s happy, positive trap.”

Jason ValcarcelComment